This is my Integra type R. Unfortunately the car is standard so there isn’t as much to say about it compared to the other superb cars in the club. Suffice to say, it has 187bhp with a LSD and an excellent chassis, making it one of the best cars I have driven this side of a GTR Skyline, so I regularly annoy boy racers with their nova’s and even cossies. As I change my cars like I do my pants, this, one of Hondas finest, is up for sale for £12,800ono. If you are interested drop me a line via our contact form.


I have enjoyed taking this car to a few shows and quarter mile meets, the highlight of which was winning class B of the Max Power shoot out last year. I have put this picture on here because I think it looks pretty cool and is a great shot of Paul’s minted CRX VTEC, a car I hope to show you more of on this site in future.