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The members of Jap Torque were present at the third RWYB of the season. The event was going to be a bit special, with a good weather forecast and a few members wanting to go, we headed off in convoy to the sunny Pod. In the line up was Steve and Jenny in the CRX VTEC, Myself and Paul in my Integra R, Scott Carey in his Toyota Starlet, John Haynes and Dad Mike in the 16v CRX, Richard Blann in his blue Civic VTi, Dave Bowan with the Corolla GTi and Matt Steel in his black Civic VTi. With everyone registered the runs began. The cues were large but it was worth it because the great, sticky track at santa provided good traction. More information on major events.

Japtorque HondaResults of the race

The strip was being ripped up by every kind of car, from Micra’s to Viper’s, from scooters to R1’s. The quickest of the day being a 6.9sec @ 164mph (eeek) although the top fuel car would have beaten that easily if he kept power on for more than just a half of the strip.He still managed a 7.9 sec run and set every car alarm off within 2 miles.It was hard to pick a car of the day but, with a stock viper running 12.4 secs coming close, my winner went to this mad Fiat 126 sporting a 5.7ltr V8 chevy engine. In case you were wondering, it runs 11’s without getting out of breath.

Another insane car was this street legal Renault 5 turbo with one more engine than most. The greedy man has put, not one, but TWO 250hp engines in his little bean tin that is the 5 turbo. He did one run all day and got 12.1 secs. Surely the top rated bookmakers for gambling in FB were amazed.

The cars of note from Jap Torque were of course Steves still very quick CRX VTEC, Matt’s Civic VTi but especially John’s 16V CRX which, with a 15.3 run, is nothing short of sensational from a non-VTEC CRX. So, needles to say, we kicked some serious French arse (again) and a fantastic day was had by all.

Today’s Jap Torque are modern marvels of human ingenuity. Comprised of the latest technology and advanced materials these moto machines have reached the point where, except in rare instances, the “Human Rider” is the limiting factor in performance.

This guide will help explain various key aspects for both rider and machine to maximize the performance potential, safety, and enjoyment of the sport. Discussed is importance of Off-Road Motorcycle/ATV selection as well as Proper Setup of Engine/Chassis/Suspension and Maintenance to reach maximum performance potential. Betting races are outside of our programes and events but you can try at the top gambling sites in the united kingdom.

The 8th & final round of the Shell Advance was run this weekend at Oxley in Brisbane. 325 riders, on 380 bikes entered for the meeting. The meeting was run in perfect Qld Winter weather. The Club are to be congratulated for an excellent effort in presentation of their round and dust control. Takeshi Katsuya won the Open class with Daniel Reardon& Barry Surawski 2nd & 3rd. Scott Bishop won the Lites class with Scott Jackson 2nd and Daniel Reardon 3rd. Joseph Hobson and Corey Semenowicz again finished 1st and 2nd in the Intermediate Lites and Open.

Australian duo Craig Anderson and Michael Byrne produced a superb quinella in round four of the American 125cc Motocross Championship at Southwick, Massachusetts, on June 8.
The Yamaha-mounted Anderson, a multiple Australian motocross champion, garnered his first win on American soil in race two, after Byrne had earlier performed the same feat in the opening instalment. However, Anderson’s greater consistency – he was second in the opening race – saw him take the overall from Byrne (1-4) and Yamaha rider Brock Sellards (9-2).
With the 125cc title now at third distance, the two Australians are firmly entrenched in the top 10 – Byrne in sixth on 93pts, and Anderson two positions behind on 87. Additionally, South Australian Brett Metcalfe lies in joint 10th on 72pts.
Meanwhile, in the premier 250cc class, Newcastle’s Chad Reed (Yamaha) – himself a member of the 125cc alumni – lost his hold on second in the title to Honda’s Kevin Windham after moderate 7-5 finishes.

Following the drought in South Australia and in particular in the Mannum area which resulted in the cancellation of that venue, we decided to look for another location with greener pasture and moisture to run round 2. The search ended following a meeting with Graham Boyd of Graham Boyd Promotions in Newcastle. Graham has had discussions with the relevant peoplewhere we were headed….

Critical training aspects are discussed to help moto racers continuously improve and advance their riding skills, as well as improve performance of the racer’s body thru proper exercise, diet & nutrition. Safety is of extreme importance as Jap Torque Racing is a physically demanding sport, and detailed discussions on proper gear selection/fit and techniques to reduce injury is reviewed.

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